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Baby EmiAnne's 18 Month Shoot | In-Studio

When the Loos arrived for their photoshoot EmiAnne was completely terrified of us. As much as we tried to talk to her and let her know it was okay she kept climbing up her mommy and daddy and wouldn't let them put her down. We were ready to have some patience and make this thing happen so we turned off the baby music we had playing for a calmer environment and had her mommy and daddy sit in our backdrop set-up with her to start. She was still not having it but after a little while she warmed up enough to slowly allow her parents to inch away more and more. This is about when I realized she found it really amusing when I ran from behind the wall and said 'peek-a-boo' which was just about the only thing that would make her smile so I did it throughout the entirety of the shoot! I was definitely sweating and out of breath but her adorable faces were totally worth it! We are so happy she warmed up to us and even became super friendly with us by the end of it!


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