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Hope Newborn Shoot | 09.04.19 | In-Studio

Hope had such a gorgeous session! Her parents already have a son so she was the perfect gift. Now they have both! We began the session with spelling her name out with our wraps. We also used the peonies her mommy brought to dress everything up!

Next up was a scene very close to Mhia--Hope's mommy's--heart. This year, her mom passed away from cancer. Her favorite color was yellow so she wanted to wrap little Hope up in yellow and surround her with beautiful yellow blooms, in honor of her mom.

Hope's nursery has a llama theme so Mhia ordered a crocheted llama costume for her from Catherine's Niche! Unfortunately, baby girl came out a little bigger than expected so her diaper cover couldn't fit over her diaper. We decided to ditch the diaper for some photos in her llama costume and of course, as soon as it came off little Hope had other ideas and decided it was time to poop! Hahaha! We cleaned her up and wrapped her up for some photos instead.

Lastly, we created a fluffy bed for her to lay on and swaddled her in a blue wrap with a blue and white tie dye bow. She looked soooo cute!

We are so excited to see her again for her 3 month photoshoot since her mama decided to book our Baby's 1st Year Collection and have quarterly shoots together!


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