Nest Family Portraiture began simply because time passes way too quickly. There have been countless times throughout our lives where we wished a moment could last much, much longer. Children grow so fast that it’s hard to keep up and while the journey of watching them learn and grow is absolutely priceless, it’s totally expected to  have that “I want them to stay like this forever” feeling. After failed attempts at creating a ’TIME STOP’ button (it was way too hard! LOL) We discovered the closest thing to it—preserving precious memories through beautiful photographs.

Our why...
The Photographers

We are a team of two friends—Melissa and Crysta—who share the same passion for photography. Each of us have over 5 years of experience under our belts and are so excited to get together and help people freeze these meaningful moments.


We love that our job allows us to get to know so many amazing families and when we see them grow we're totally right there sharing in the excitement with them! Seeing the immense love of a family warms our hearts and constantly reminds us why we are so obsessed with what we do!


We are so excited to meet you and create something that will bring a smile to your face years and years from now.

"It wasn't until my dad passed away and I was searching for photos with him that I realized just how impactful family photography truly is. From then on I knew I couldn't stop preserving memories for other families that will last beyond a lifetime." -Melissa, Photographer

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