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Baby Elias 3 Month Shoot | 06.29.19 | In-Studio

Elias is a little one who we have been lucky to know since he was just days old for his newborn session. We were so excited when his mommy decided to add on our "Baby's 1st Year Collection" because that means we get to see this cute face every 3 months! Since he isn't able to sit on his own quite yet we lined a basket with fur and a blanket and propped him up inside. Next up we laid down a soft blanket for him to have some tummy time on and then he hung out on his back for a while. We thought it would be cool to show his growth so we printed out a photo from his newborn session to put next to him. We also added some fun wooden blocks for a few to spell out his name! Lastly we decided to do our first boy milk bath! We decided to skip flowers and instead fill his bath with toy boats and rubber ducky’s! He had fun splashing around and we can't get over how cute he looks in the one with his hand behind his head! He is straight chillin'! Haha!


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