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Baby Sparrow 3 Month Shoot | 04.11.19 | In-Studio

We were so excited to capture Sparrow's 3 month photo session! Her mom, Nalani, always has super cute outfits and ideas! We began with her wearing a gorgeous white halter dress with lace details. She also wore a white bow on her head! She laid next to her little wooden name plate and it was adorable! We bunched up a blanket for a great textured backdrop! Next up was Nalani's awesome idea. She wanted to do a little milk bath with Sparrow! We used our bucket prop and she fit perfectly! We filled it with nice warm water and added in some elements for the nice milky look. We then dropped in eucalyptus an pink and purple roses. It looked sooo cute and as a water baby she was totally stoked to be in there! Next up we decided to do a bit of a change and put strawberries in the water instead. All we can say was it was berry berry cute! Lastly, we walked over to a park near by our studio for a couple shots of her and her mommy in matching outfits!


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