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Elias Jude | Baby's 1st Year

Elias is an adorable little man who we had the pleasure of getting to know through his 1st year of life! After capturing his newborn photos when he was just days old we got to see him every 3 months after as we captured him for his 'Baby's 1st Year Collection'. With photoshoots at his 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month marks it was always an exciting part of our weeks getting to see this cutie! We were definitely sad when we finished up his last shoot and will miss seeing him every few months! Wishing baby Eli the best life and we look forward to seeing them for family photos in the future!

We are excited to share a peak at Elias' 1st Year of life!

Newborn Shoot:

3 Month Shoot:

6 Month Shoot:

9 Month Shoot:

1 Year Shoot:


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