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Family Portraits with Friends | Waimanalo Bay Beach

The Augustin, Orden, and Kinningham Families decided they wanted to get together for a morning full of knocking our their family portraits--all at the same time! Each family got all dressed up to match with their spouse and kids and came out to Waimanalo Bay Beach where we met. We broke them into their immediate families and shot them each that way. We tried to pose each group differently so they'd have portraits that looked unique to them. From there we decided to get some with just parents and just kids! Each family also brought their own "prop" that was special to them. The Agustins brought along their guitar which Ellison (dad) loves to play to their son Lyric! The Ordens just found out they were expecting so they brought along a little book called "I'm a Big Sister" for their daughter to hold. This was how they planned to do the big social media announcement, lol! The Kinninghams "prop" was more of an extra family member. They brought along their lil pup who smiled perfectly for photos! We shot all the moms and dads together too, although the ladies were all for it the guys were a bit more hesitant. We compromised with them getting to do a funny one with all their props--the Kinningham dog was getting read and sang too! We ended with a big group shot of everyone to remember this fun day!


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