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OUR BABY! | Ansel James 3 Month Shoot | Milk Bath | In-Studio

We have always told our families that our 'Baby's 1st Year Collection' which includes photos at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months is an incredible thing to have because of how fast little ones grow and how much their features develop in such a little amount of time--BUT it wasn't till we had our own little guy--Ansel James--that it sunk in just how real this was! We can't even believe that he was as tiny as he was when he was born and it's only been a few months! We had lot's of fun doing his 3 month shoot and of course we had to do a milk bath for one of the looks. When his grandma saw the photos she said 'do you think he likes being in a bowl of cereal?!' we thought this was such a hilarious grandma question but assured her that he loves bath time and we made sure the water was nice and warm for him!


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