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Sparrow 1st Birthday Shoot | Cake Smash | 12.03.19 | In-Studio

We loved getting to capture this little beauty all throughout her first year with our 'Baby's 1st Year Collection' and with that, this last one was bittersweet! We were excited for the adorable concept her mommy had in mind but were sad that we wouldn't be seeing her as much anymore! Sparrow wore an adorable white romper and this was our first session with her since she learned how to walk! She was totally on the move running out of frame giving her mama, Nalani a workout with carrying her back to the spot, haha. We thought it was awesome when Nalani told us Sparrow learned to walk earlier than both of her big brothers--we know that she just wanted to keep up with them, hehe! After we captured her nice, clean photos it was time to bust out her cake! As the dainty little thing she is, she didn't get too deep in to the smashing but did definitely enjoyed the frosting. The best part of the session was when she got a handful of frosting and started rubbing it on her legs like it was lotion! Hahaha, we all started cracking up when she started doing it--it's so wonderful how much your little ones pick up from you!


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