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Sparrow Garza | Baby's 1st Year

Little Miss. Sparrow was always so much fun to capture and we are so happy we got to shoot her quarterly milestones with our 'Baby's 1st Year Collection.' This means we got to see her every 3 months with a newborn photoshoot, 3 month photoshoot, 6 month photoshoot, 9 month photoshoot, and 1 year photoshoot! Her mommy always had adorable outfits and creative ideas for these and it was always so much fun to see them! From milk baths to half-birthday tea parties we loved every shoot we got to do together!

We are so excited to share Baby Sparrow's 1st Year!

Newborn Shoot:

3 Month Shoot:

6 Month Shoot:

9 Month Shoot:

1 Year Shoot:

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