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Baby Stella's Newborn Shoot | 03.07.19 | In-Studio

Stella is a gorgeous little girl who we had so much fun photographing on her 10th day of life! We had just come back from a photography conference in Las Vegas where we were able to get our hands on lots of new props, furs, and wraps so we were super excited to put them to use!

We shot her laying in a little nest and were totally obsessed with those gorgeous long baby fingers!

Next, we dressed her up in a little hat with ears. When her big brother Trevor saw the photo of her for the first time he was pretty excited about his baby sister being a cute teddy bear!

Stella’s mama works at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and her guests there liked her so much they got baby Stella this adorable spa robe! She cut up some baby cucumbers to take the cuteness level over the top!


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