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Styled Maternity Shoot | Sherie + Kai | 03.04.20 | Kaneohe Sandbar

Sherie + Kai are an amazing couple who we met through capturing their engagement and wedding photos through our sister company VIVIDfotos. They did our Styled Maternity Shoot option which we created to pamper our mom-to-be's. We set Sherie up to get her hair and makeup professionally done by the amazing Face Art Beauty. She got to use our designer maternity wardrobe for her dress and also got a matching haku and bouquet set to use for their session from Mealoha Made. It worked out perfectly since she got to take it home and wear it for their 1 year wedding anniversary brunch that weekend too!

Since we've worked with them before we knew that they're ocean lovers and one of their favorite things to do is go fishing together! When we were planning their session and we were discussing location I asked if they'd like to go out to the Kaneohe Sandbar since they have access to boats! They excitedly agreed and we began to research the tide to figure out when it'd be the shallowest for us, we settled on this day but as it got nearer and nearer the weather forecast was calling for thunder storms. It cleared up on the morning of our session after days of pouring rain and we started getting excited--we called the shoot on and then 5 minutes before we planned to meet it started raining again and Sherie sent me a 'flash flood warning' she just got on her phone.

We all got together standing in their garage looking at the rain fall talking over our options. We decided as a whole that we wanted to take our chances and go anyway so we started packing all our camera gear into coolers so they'd stay dry. Kai started bringing out fishing jackets for us and we all agreed our main concern was keeping Sherie dry for the photos--the rest of us were okay if we got soaked, lol! We made our way to the boat and it was still raining, but just a couple minutes from where we'd stop the rain stopped and the sun came out! We couldn't believe our eyes and were so grateful for the drastic weather change! The light was literally as perfect as we could hope! We had the best session in the crystal clear water and then just as we were wrapping up the last thing we needed it started to rain again...RIDICULOUS! We had a wet ride back to the house but you can bet that none of us cared! We were all beyond stoked that we scored a patch of random sunlight for the perfect amount of time so we could capture this awesome couples maternity photos!


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