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WHAT TO WEAR: Family Photo Shoot

One of the hardest parts of a family photo session is trying to figure out what to wear, but we’re here to take away a lot of that stress! In this blog post we’ll be going over some tips and tricks to having the perfectly coordinated family photo outfits without having to be all matchy-matchy in white shirts and khaki pants.

Tip #1: Start with one person, it’s much less daunting this way! Pick one person from the family to be dressed in some type of pattern with multiple colors. Whether it’s a pastel floral dress for mom or a unique button up for dad this is a great place to start! From here you can take a look at the different colors in the pattern and choose outfits for the rest of the family that are in any of those shades. Try to keep everyone else in solid colors or very simple patterns as more than one elaborate pattern can often times clash.

Tip #2: Textures such as cable knits, lace, faux furs, and wool can add wonderful visual interest to the photos while staying within a solid color if someone else is wearing a pattern.

Tip #3: Consider your home decor. If you’re planning to hang your family portraits up in your living room and you have light and airy decor maybe lean more toward pastel toned outfits. If your home decor is more colorful and bright consider wearing more vibrant colors.

Tip #4: Accessorize! Dress up outfits with things like hats, suspenders, jewelry, headbands, and belts to really pull the looks together!

Some things to avoid: -Bright white clothing, if you love wearing white maybe steer toward an off white or ivory color instead. -Neon colors, they cast unnatural tones on to the skin. -Shirts with big logos and text, they draw attention away from your face. -Holiday colors (even if it’s for a Christmas card) you want to ensure you’ll love these photos year around, you can always incorporate festive things in to your card design! -Sunglasses -Athletic shoes

Clothing Piece Ideas for the moms + daughters: -Maxi Dresses -Fitted tops tucked in to skirts -A-line dresses -Jumpsuits -Skinny Jeans -Blouses -Cardigans -Wedges -Booties -Boots

Clothing Piece Ideas for dads + sons: -Chino Pants -Dark Jeans -Polo shirts -Button Down Shirts -Long Sleeved Button Down Shirts (rolled up to the elbows, always looks great!) -Blazers -Leather Shoes -Boots


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