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WHAT TO WEAR: Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photos are some of the most important and intimate photos you’ll ever take so it’s only natural you’ll want to have the perfect outfits! Your body is likely to have changed a lot and finding the most flattering outfit that will photograph beautifully can be stressful sometimes. That’s why we created this blog post full of tips for picking a gorgeous stress-free maternity shoot outfit.

Oh and before anything else, our studio offers a few gorgeous designer maternity dresses that are sure to 'wow' available for rent + for free to our Styled Shoot clients--in case you would like to think less about what to wear! Feel free to email us for rental rates and sizing! Here are the dresses!

Tip #1: Maxi dresses are one of the best outfit choices! They are very flattering on any pregnant body and it covers up anything you don’t want shown. They flow beautifully in the wind but you can also pull it over your adorable bump to show it off! If you do decide to go with a maxi dress we highly recommend getting on with an empire waistline. This is when the dress waistline is above the actual waist, normally right under the bust. The reason this is so important is with no waistline at all it's often hard to see where your bust ends and bump begins. If you do have a dress like that, that you really love, you could try putting a thin belt under your bust for the same effect. Although, flowy fabric is beautiful, showing definition between your bust and belly is usually a lot more flattering and will help accentuate your bump.

Tip #2: Solid colors are best for moms at maternity shoots. Your bump is the main focus and patterns can often distract from that. If you’d like to incorporate patterns, dad’s shirt is a great way to do that. If you still feel bored with the solid, try dressing your outfit up with a bright necklace, earrings, or headband!

Tip #3: Tight clothing is great for maternity sessions if you’re comfortable showing off your beautiful pregnant curves because you can do a lot more of a variety of posing. Although, flowy dresses are gorgeous most of the time you will have to hold your bump to accentuate it, while with tight clothing your bump will always be prevalent without having to hold around it.

Tip #4: Having 2 outfits is a great option as you can have a bit of diversity! This will be great in giving you variety to choose from when you’re trying to figure out what you’d like to hang in your home!

Tip #5: Having the correct support in your undergarments will help flatter your body so you love your photos! Wearing a bra that fits well will help to round out your bust and define the point where your bust ends and belly begins. Also keep in mind nude undergarments tend to show through clothing less than any other color.


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