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Yee Family Maternity Shoot | 07.24.19 | Kahe Point Beach

Emily, Chris, and their daughter Melody are so excited for the arrival of their second baby girl. She will be making her grand entrance in to the world any day now and they couldn't be happier. When Emily was pregnant with Melody they took photos at a train track and she wanted to do the same for baby #2 so we suggested Kahe Point Beach. She loved the rustic grass look and the fact that we could see the ocean. For the first look Emily wore a lace pink off-the-shoulder dress paired with Chris in a pastel button up and little Melody in a chiffon dress--complete with her princess tiara, of course. For the second look Emily borrowed our elaborate red gown from our client wardrobe. Chris wore a white button up and Melody wore a white dress with lots of gold glitter. She was very excited to take a couple photos by herself and even showed us her best princess curtsey!


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