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Baby Bianca's Newborn Shoot | 03.22.19 | In-Studio

Bianca is a gorgeous little girl who made her grand entrance in to the world almost a whole month before her due date! She was greeted with so much love from her awesome parents and big brother.

We got to shoot with her on her 6th day of life and she was super content and sleepy throughout our session.

We started with having her in a rustic bucket and some neutral fur. She wore an adorable rose head band and we draped her in pink.

Milo her big brother was so excited and proud to take some photos with his new baby sister. He gave us such a great big smile!

We laid her in our nest and she looked absolutely adorable!

The next outfit was really special for Bianca’s family because they call her their rainbow baby. This term refers to a child born after a family has dealt with the pain of miscarriage, stillbirth, or early loss of a child. Bianca, their lil rainbow, represents the hope after a storm and this outfit was the perfect fit to celebrate.

Lastly, Daisy—Bianca’s mommy—owns a gown store in Pearlridge called WhiteHOT Hawaii, so it was only fitting we dress her up in her first big, fluffy, and adorably EXTRA dress! As Daisy stared at her first baby girl she was so excited and said “You’re gonna have so many amazing dresses!” We agreed that this is gonna be the best dressed little girl ever!


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