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Brooklyn Newborn Shoot | 07.30.19 | In-Studio

Brooklyn is a little cutie pie with SOOO much hair! He is the 3rd son, sticking with the pattern of his mommy + daddy's all boy household. His big brothers definitely seemed excited that they have another boy to add to the team. Racquel, the mama and queen of the family wore a gorgeous gown for their photos together so we had to take some special mommy-Brooklyn photos in honor of that!

After family photos we started with a tucked in sleepy time photo! He looked way too cute with his arms up behind his head. All we can say is he was straight chillin'!

Next up was a onesie his mommy brought that said 'b is for brooklyn'! Then we made a little box bed full of soft layers in different shades of grey. We swaddled him up and he looked so peaceful!

Lastly--the shoot wouldn't be complete without some photos honoring the football team he has been born into fandom for! His aunty and owner of Catherine's Niche hand-crocheted him his own little Viking costume that was absolutely perfect!


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